Are you intrigued by this ancient medium? If you would like to learn about egg tempera painting, or have a group who does, please get in touch. Individuals can book into small classes at the artist’s home, or groups can book a visiting artist for workshops and presentations. Learn how to mix egg tempera paint, develop technique and skills with the paint, and build up your composition layer by layer to produce a still life on a traditional gesso panel.

A days workshop is £250, plus any travelling and material expenses. I will travel from Liverpool, UK. I can take longer or shorter workshops, talk on video calls, and work with teachers to create a day suitable for their class.

I begin with a slideshow presentation introducing myself, my beginnings, my work and influences, steps to make a painting, and how I earn money as an artist. I will also bring along a selection of work to show the students. I can demonstrate how to make egg tempera paint using pigments and egg yolk, and how to build-up a painting using layers of colour. Throughout the day I can take groups of interested students aside to try their hands at making and using egg tempera paint. 

I can bring cakes and biscuits, and help the students make compositions which they will draw up and paint. Or, given the time this takes, students can prepare a line drawing in advance which they will paint throughout the day. Usually egg tempera it isn’t a suitable medium for students to use for their own work because of the expense, specialised materials and skills needed. I’m happy for students to use other appropriate mediums such as acrylic, or watercolour and gouache.
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